Posted on Nov 27, 2018

San Miguel Veterinary Clinic Norwood

Being in a rural area within the last couple of months we have had a few dog brought to our office with no ID tags on them even if they had a collar. We immediately scanned them hoping they might have a microchip to be able to find out who they belonged to. Sadly only one of the dogs brought to us had a microchip and even though the contact information connected to the microchip was no longer the correct owner, the old owner was able to track down the new owner and let them know where the dog was.
Microchips are very good for making sure your pet can get home safely. They are Not GPS locators that would need to have a battery changed all the time. They are Not dangerous to your pet and are administered under the skin just like an annual vaccination. The chip Never has to be replaced. You Do need to make sure that if your pet does have a microchip that you update your contact information on a regular basis to insure that if your pet is found, you are able to be reached to get them home.
For more information visit the Home Again website or feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have.
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